Jessica P AKA 5STAR is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Toronto looking to share her passion of music with the world.

From the age of 11, Jessica's life was dedicated to music. She had no problem grabbing the microphone and crushing every performance.

Recently 5STAR was introduced to producer 3Stripe. In a matter of months 5Star and 3Stripe were able to find a unique sound that is making waves in the Toronto music community. 5Star wanted to show the world that its okay to be a boss and do what you believe in. 5Star's music has a vibe that will make you feel empowered and confident. Jessica decided to pursue this career at such a young age, she developed a mature mindset and realized that she does not need peoples approval to do what makes her happy. In a matter of months, 5Star was able to gain thousands of followers on all social media platforms. The engagement speaks for itself and fans are always wanting more.

5Star has found her own lane and she has been collaborating with artists involved in NTG (New Toronto Grunge) and she knows she has what it takes to be successful like anyone doing their thing in popular music today.

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